Record Town in Fort Worth, TX

Since 1957, Record Town has provided music lovers with the best in vinyl, CDs, cassettes, 45s & 78s. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Record Town is a cultural landmark and historical treasure.



Record Town provides the best in American Music. Blues, jazz, rockabilly, early rock-n-roll, classic rock, punk... You name it, we got it. We have tons of vintage vinyl for every musical taste with a large stock of both new and used vinyl, CDs, cassettes, 45s & 78s.



The staff at Record Town loves music and wants to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with you! Our unique expertise sets Record Town apart from the average record store. We are open Tuesday through Saturday 12PM to 8PM and Sunday 1PM to 5PM.


Guitars, mandolins, amps and accessories are stocked for musicians. Very affordable guitars are available for beginners. Music related t-shirts, posters, books and memorabilia are also available. Come check out some of our vintage concert posters! 


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1957. An incredible year in the USA, the 57 Chevy, Rock and Roll, and the birth of Record Town. One of the oldest record stores in America, over 60 years of great American music, Record Town is still going strong. Come visit a Fort Worth institution, browse our large inventory of vintage vinyl, CDs, T-shirts and other cool stuff. Come visit Record Town and enjoy the company of other music lovers who share a passion for American Music.