Austin City Limits: A History by Tracey E. W. Laird

Austin City Limits - A History.jpg

Austin City Limits is the longest running musical showcase in the history of television, and it still captivates audiences over forty years after its debut on the air. From Willie Nelson's legendary pilot show in 1974, to mythical performances of BB King and Stevie Ray Vaughn, and recent shows with Mumford & Sons, Arcade Fire and The Decemberists, the show has defined popular roots music and indie rock. 

Tracey Laird tells the story of this landmark musical showcase whose history spans dramatic changes in the world of television, the expansion of digital media, and the ways in which we experience music. 

Engagingly written and packed with anecdotes and insights from everyone from the show's producers and production staff to the musicians themselves, Austin City Limits: A History gives us the best seat in the house for this illuminating look at a singular presence in American popular music.