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Lost Immigrants CD Release on Sunday, August 25th

  • Record Town 120 St Louis Ave #105 Fort Worth, TX 76104 (map)
Lost Immigrants Californium Album Cover.jpg

Come celebrate the latest release from Lost Immigrants. “Californium” is the sixth studio release, produced by Zach Balch (Flint Creek Record Co.). A more mature sound and approach to songwriting, “Californium,” explores a journey westward, and inward.

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LOST IMMIGRANTS is a musical collaboration led by founder James Dunning (lead vocals, guitar). It began in 2004 as a songwriting project between Dunning and his longtime friend, Craig Hinkle. The first iteration of the band won the 2005 Shiner Rising Star contest and recorded its debut album, "Waiting on Judgement Day," with Americana music legend Ray Wylie Hubbard.

 In 2009, LOST IMMIGRANTS released its seminal album, "Baptized: Live from the Hill Country," and celebrated "Get Lost" as a Top 40 Texas Music Chart single. The band quickly followed up with a studio release, "Pasaporte," in 2010 and two digital-only live albums in 2011.

 Current members of LOST IMMIGRANTS include Chad Stewart (drums), Eric McGinnis (bass), Ryan Pool (keys) and Blake Brownlee (lead guitar). Former members and other North Texas musicians and singer/songwriters have been known to join the band on stage from time to time. The group enjoys a robust touring schedule and ardent fanbase.

Other Great Lost Immigrant Releases –

Waiting on Judgment Day (2006)

The album that started it all. After winning the 2nd ever Shiner Rising Star competition in Dallas, Lost Immigrants were given a budget and a world-class producer and music icon, Ray Wylie Hubbard to make this landmark Americana staple.

 Baptized: Live from the Hill Country (2009)

Folk-rock roots-revival progressive country-flavored Americana, Texas style. Subdued, yet not lacking intensity; rocking, yet good for the soul.

 Pasaporte (2010)

A healthy blend of lonesome country and fist-pounding rock tunes that's sure to stay in your CD player on long drives down winding country roads.

 An Americana Primer, Vol. 1 (2012)

An exploration of the outskirts of Americana music -- soaring guitars, subversive drums and haunting vocals. Is it country music or rock and roll or somewhere meandering in between? That's up to you to decide. (The first in an epic EP trilogy.)

 An Americana Primer, Vol. 2 (2013)

A celebration of honky-tonk yesteryears and back-porch, bluegrass-pickin' family circles.

 An Americana Primer, Vol. 3 (2014)

Searing guitars, pounding rhythms and soulful melodies make up this third chapter of the band's Americana music trilogy.

 Live at the White Elephant Saloon (2015)

High-energy music with thoughtful lyrics and melodies wrapped up in a two-steppin' good time.